Dumpster Rental Hialeah Part Two

Are there an extra fees for delivery or pickup of our dumpster rental? There are no extra fees for delivery, pickup, etc. We don’t add fuel charges or any other fees to our dumpster rental quotes. We try to keep things as easy as possible. The quote that we give you will include drop off and pickup. Some cities or counties may have permit or franchise fees for your dumpster rental, but that’s not usually the case. Permit fees and franchise fees are not necessary in hialeah. However if permit or franchise fees apply in your area, they will have to be added if you get your dumpster rental from us or anyone else.


How long can I keep the dumpster? At affordable dumpster rental hialeah we pride ourselves in our flexibility. We are willing to stretch to make sure you get to keep your dumpster rental as long as you need to finish your project. Now that I have chosen my dumpster rental size, how fast can you deliver the dumpster to my location? At Affordable Dumpster Rental of hialeah, we are the most fast, flexible, and friendly dumpster service in South Florida. A lot of the time we can deliver your dumpster rental the same day, especially if you call early in the morning. If we can’t deliver your dumpster rental the same day you call, we can always get it there the very next business day at the latest. For your convenience, we even deliver dumpsters on Saturday. Do I need to be there when the dumpster rental is delivered? No. Nine times out of ten no one is there during the dumpster rental delivery. However, if you would like to be there during the delivery, that’s fine too. Either way, we will make sure your dumpster rental is delivered when you need it and in the correct spot. Where will you place my dumpster rental? We will put the dumpsters just about any place that you would like on your property. That being said, there are some places that are better than others. The best place to put the dumpster will be on your driveway or in a parking lot. Our dumpsters are driveway friendly. For peace of mind, especially if they have pavers, many of our customers like to put plywood on their driveway so that the dumpster does not sit directly on the bricks.

Are dumpster rentals driveway safe? Our dumpster rentals in hialeah and South Florida are driveway safe. In fact, your driveway is typically the best place to put your dumpster rental. Are there any items that are prohibited from going inside my dumpster rental? Here at Affordable Dumpster Rental of hialeah, we are more flexible than other dumpster rental companies. We will dispose of items that many good dumpster rental companies will refuse. You will be able to put just about anything inside of your dumpster rental except tires, chemicals and hazardous materials.