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The Role Of Government For Commerical Trucking Permits And Safety Laws The aim of the government is the safety and security of the public. According to a survey conducted by travel authorities for the state of North Dakota, in 2003, there were 97 deaths, and 432 injuries per month, due to heavy motor vehicle accidents. Most of these heavy vehicles comprise overloaded trucks, dumpsters and trailers. The movement of these trucks and other heavy vehicles is restricted during the day time at most of the cities that are comparatively more populated. The movement and routes of the trucks remain restricted to the suburbs and the outskirts of the city.


However, the transportation costs involved do not allow these vehicles to spend a lot of time on road. Therefore, most of the traveling has to be done overnight. Most commercial trucks require an authorized permission to travel on the highways, this has to be done in order to control the number of heavy duty vehicles moving on road, and to prevent illegal transportation of goods. The permits which are granted to the vehicles are done by the Transport movement governing authority of the particular state. For example in the state of Virginia, the body that is authorized to revise frame policies and laws for commercial truck permits and organizations that provide the truck permit services is The Department of Environmental Services which recently re-framed the Applications for “Public Right-of Way Permits” Truck Permits are not granted to each and every vehicle owner. There are many rules and regulations and a licensing exam has to be passed. This is basically to ensure, that the driver has the understanding needed to operate heavy duty vehicles on highways, roads connecting cities or villages. There is a lot of paper work and many legal hassles involved. This is where the role of the organizations that provide commercial truck permit services comes into play throughout the United States of America.

The organizations providing commercial truck permit services make it easy for an individual or a firm to apply for permits, and get them issued. The service providers charge commission for providing this service, and in turn, help you to fill out the application form, handle the paperwork for you, get a temporary permit issued in your name, and provide you all details regarding road taxes, rules and regulations. Therefore, it is advisable that if a person needs to get truck permits issued, then it should be routed through an agency that is providing a truck permit service.